Can You Drink Vanilla Extract? (What Will Happen & Side Effects)

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Vanilla extract is most commonly used in baking, although it can also be used for other purposes. Many people are unaware that vanilla extract contains alcohol. In reality, as regulated by the FDA, the vanilla extract must include alcohol. 

This is because, according to the Food and Drug Administration, vanilla extract is the only flavor that needs government regulation.

Vanilla extract is a common flavoring in baked goods and other foods. It is made from the beans of the vanilla orchid and contains a high level of alcohol. While it is safe to consume small amounts of vanilla extract, drinking a whole bottle can be dangerous.

So, can you drink vanilla extract? Yes, you can drink vanilla extract. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind if you do choose to drink vanilla extract. For one, pure vanilla extract is high in alcohol content, so drinking too much can make you feel drunk or sick. 

How Much Alcohol is in Vanilla Extract?

When it comes to vanilla extract, many people are unaware of the fact that there is alcohol in it. Just because it is popular in baking and cooking, doesn’t mean it is safe to consume for everyone.

This leads to confusion for some, as they are under the impression that vanilla extract is an alcohol-free product. 

So, how much alcohol is in vanilla extract? The answer to this question is not a simple one, as there are different types of vanilla extract available on the market. Some products contain alcohol, while others do not. Most commercial extracts are made with 35% alcohol, which means there is 35% alcohol in the vanilla extract.

The type of vanilla extract that does not contain alcohol is made with water and food-grade glycerin. This type of extract is often used by those who are vegan or have allergies to alcohol. 

How Much Vanilla Extract to Get Drunk?

The FDA does not just require that alcohol be present in vanilla extract. The federal organization also stipulates that all extracts, even artificial extracts, have at least 35% alcohol. 

This means that four to five ounces of most vanilla extracts are enough to get a person drunk. Obviously, this depends on the individual’s weight, alcohol tolerance, gender, and whether they have just eaten.

Even though this doesn’t sound like a lot of vanilla extract, it’s important to remember that vanilla extract is very expensive. This is especially true if you buy real vanilla extract rather than an imitation. 

Vanilla extract normally costs between $2 and $8 per ounce. So, even just six ounces would cost between $12 and $48. High-quality booze often costs $20 or more, so while vanilla extract can make you drunk, you’re probably better off just buying your preferred liquor.

It’s true that drinking a lot of vanilla extract may get you drunk. However, it is doubtful that you would become intoxicated by consuming a slice of cake or a few cookies containing vanilla essence. This is due to the fact that they have been cooked.

Can Drinking Vanilla Extract Hurt You?

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You may have heard that drinking vanilla extract can be harmful to your health, but is this true? In short, the answer is no. While it is technically possible to drink too much vanilla extract, the amount necessary to cause harm would be difficult to consume accidentally.

Other than that, it tastes dreadful, so if you care about your taste buds, drinking vanilla extract is not a good idea.

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind if you do choose to drink vanilla extract. For one, pure vanilla extract is high in alcohol content, so drinking too much can make you feel drunk or sick. Additionally, pure vanilla extract contains a small amount of coumarin, a compound that can cause liver damage if consumed in high doses.

Overall, though, drinking vanilla extract is generally safe and provides several health benefits. For example, pure vanilla extract has been shown to improve blood sugar control and lower blood pressure.

What Happens if You Drink a Whole Bottle of Vanilla Extract?

There is a reason why vanilla extract is used in small doses in recipes—it’s potent. A whole bottle of pure vanilla extract contains about 7000 drops, and each drop is about 35% alcohol. That’s a lot of booze. So, what happens if you drink an entire bottle of vanilla extract?

Well, first off, you would be extremely sick. The alcohol content would make you feel drunk and nauseous, and the high dose of sugar would give you a stomachache. You might also vomit and have diarrhea. In extreme cases, drinking a full bottle of vanilla extract can lead to seizures or even death.

Vanilla extract ingestion is treated similarly to alcohol intoxication and can result in alcohol poisoning. The ethanol will depress the central nervous system, which may result in breathing issues.

So, if you’re ever tempted to take a swig of vanilla extract, just remember that it’s not as innocent as it seems. Stick to baking with it instead!

Vanilla Extract Risks and Side Effects

Vanilla has no typical side effects or drug interactions, although it might produce extremely minor allergic responses such as skin irritation, headaches, or sleep issues in rare situations. If you suffer from any of these symptoms after taking vanilla, visit your doctor and stop consumption.

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Q: Is it safe to drink vanilla extract in coffee?

A: Many individuals are aware that a variety of creamers, flavors, and other coffee additives may raise your calorie count and may even cause a blood sugar spike. However, you will be relieved to learn that putting vanilla extract in your coffee on a daily basis is both safe and nutritious.

Q: Why do people add vanilla extract in their tea?

A: Taste is the easy answer. Have you ever tried a few drops of vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste in your hot latte or iced tea? If you have, you are likely aware that tea and vanilla are a combination made in heaven.

Q: Is there an age restriction for buying vanilla extract?

A: You must have a valid form of identification to purchase it. Now that children under the age of 18 are prohibited from buying vanilla extract, 

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