Chicken al Mattone (Under Bricked Chicken) – Recipe

reheated chicken dish

This chicken recipe is easy, flavorful, and impressive. Chicken al Mattone, or Under Bricked Chicken, is a dish of chicken that is cooked under a brick. The brick presses down on the chicken, making sure it stays moist and cooks evenly. The result is a crispy skin and juicy meat. 

I really like that this dish is cooked on the grill. “al Mattone” means “with bricks” and is usually prepared on a grill outdoors. 

Again, you begin with a 3-pound whole chicken. The chicken’s backbone must be removed and it must be flattened, or butterflied. It is far more convenient to have your butcher perform this task. However, doing it at home is simple and only requires an attempt.

This dish is traditionally served with pineapple juice and herb sauce.Try this Italian-style dish for something different and fun to grill.

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